With the ever-changing Cloud technology it’s making it difficult for businesses to keep up. Technology has always moved at breakneck speeds, but Cloud technology is moving even faster. Given this escalating development, it’s worth noting whether executives are concerned about keeping up and if they are, what they’re doing about it.

That’s why, recently, Commvault worked with Evolved Media to conduct a survey of 100 top business and IT executives (nearly two-thirds at the C-level) across 11 different industries in companies of sizes ranging from a couple hundred employees to more than 100,000, about Cloud FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out on the latest developments. What they found confirms that there’s massive unease at the executive level about the ability to stay current with the cloud.

81% of the executives surveyed said they were either extremely or very concerned about missing out on new advancements related to the cloud. That number increases to 89% when you add in those who are moderately concerned. Clearly, keeping up with cloud developments is an issue executives are aware of, care about, and are feeling anxiety over.

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